Since the start of Project Canefire, the organization has worked on a number of construction projects.

Construction programs have ranged from building new Churches, Church additions, Schools, added classrooms, restroom facilities, ministry center building, ministry center renovations and updating and adding onto medical facilities.

It is our goal to continue providing these types of buildings for the development of the people we serve.

Through our providing water wells to aid in the health of the people, we also have realized other basic needs. There is a great need for proper human waste disposal. We are intending to start a program to provide proper latrines to the areas which we are installing wells.

The construction project teams have been traveling on a biannual basis, with teams ranging from 4 to 10 people. The cost of these projects also varies based on the size. The goal would be to raise $30,000+ for each planned trip.

Please click the link to make an online donation for our next trip or to join a team.

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