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The book, MinistË Kris La Nan Palestin, was first published in English and used in teaching Bible to high school students in Christian schools. As such the present edition in French Creole is particularly appropriate for training Haitian pastors and church leaders in Haiti or the Dominican Republic. It is the first of three works which cover the history of the life and teachings of Jesus and his apostles and the development of his work in the New Testament. This book begins with the circumstances that lead to the birth of Jesus and ends with the developments of Holy week. The chapters of the book are grouped in eight sections, each with its theme. The lessons are introduced with "preparation questions" which will guide the student in his/her study. They do not attempt to repeat the biblical text but to point out the significance of certain passages and to explain some of the difficult passages. The lessons close with test questions and questions that can lead the student to further study of the scriptures themselves or other sources of information. This book and the other two in the series (which hopefully will also be published soon) cover in a general way most of the New Testament and will give the pastors and church leaders a more in-depth understand of God's Word. It can be purchased directly through Trafford Publishing at or from Project Canefire.

Title: MinistË Kris La Nan Palestin
ISBN: 9781426931079
Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
Price: $14.23

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