Although "Project Canefire" is a diverse ministry, providing clean fresh water is its primary & paramount purpose.

  • It has been reported that 70% of all illnesses are caused by water born diseases in developing nations
  • Imagine if you will, villagers having to draw and drink water from a nearby river where upstream cities are dumping their raw sewage in that same river!
  • It is a sad fact that rivers are some communities means of disposing of their waste while these same rivers, or stagnate pools, are the only source of drinking water for most people living in downstream villages.
  • Since water is the very basic nourishment of life, it is essential that the water that is consumed be pure and fresh. Healthy water leads to healthier, happier lives.
  • Clean and healthy water not only leads to happier and healthy lives but studies have shown that brain activity is increased, children will be sick less, advance more, enhancing their opportunity to continue education and obtain better jobs.
  • Providing clean water is the most basic humanitarian act that anyone can do to help those living in impoverished developing countries.

Yes, water wells are the very heart of "Project Canefire" and we are ready, willing and able to deliver and complete the installation of these wells. Many people have donated of their time, talents and treasures to make "Project Canefire" successful in the past and they have been truly blessed by God.

If you feel the Lord is leading you to accept this invitation to participate in one of our upcoming trips or to give the gift of clean water, visit the "Online Donation" link to see the various ways that you can be a part of this life changing ministry.

Powerpoint Presentations:  Well Drilling (4MB) | Pump Installation (5 MB) | Installing the Base (2 MB) | Assembling the Plunger (2 MB)
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